In a trying retail environment, this multi-channel, mainstream, legacy branded apparel company realized they had an abundance of distribution space on their large campus that was being underutilized.

The Challenge

E-commerce was growing, while retail and wholesale businesses were flat or declining. The client faced challenges as some portions of each of their distribution centers had a surplus of capacity.

Our Solution

The LogistiPoint team worked on-site and analyzed opportunities to consolidate operations, reduce square footage, and make better use of existing assets. New guidelines for SKU counts, peak inventory needs, holiday shipping constraints and other business sensitivities were analyzed. After considering a variety of business combinations, we put this client on a path toward consolidation with only a modest amount of retrofit work.

The Results

This productive and flexible design provided the client with an infrastructure that will continue to meet their storage, processing and customer service needs but with a reduced facility footprint and cost structure.

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