A fortune 200 retailer needed support in onboarding their field Industrial Engineers (IEs) in engineered labor standard building and maintenance.

The Challenge

Robust and dynamic multivariable standards require an elevated level of design detail and precision execution. This training request supplemented the LogistiPoint team’s installation of standards in client’s new, state-of-the-art, highly automated e-commerce distribution center (DC). The executive team wanted to leverage the focus and expertise from this investment and share it across their network resources.

Our Solution

Successful performance management projects often require close partnering between client operations and engineering and the consultant implementation teams. This client’s request provided the LogistiPoint team the opportunity to formalize cross-training methods and present a structured course in the theory and practice of designing, building, integrating and installing engineered labor standards.

Over the course of a week, the LogistiPoint team led the IEs through a mix of classroom and interactive sessions that began with a review of basic concepts, such as elements and pay variables, and escalated into complex functions like variable grade factor scales. These software modules also provided instructions on how to build time study configurations from scratch, guided the attendees through the development of a standard workbook and educated IEs on how to conduct a study by positively engaging with an associate. Post-study data validation and workbook analysis rounded out the course.

The Results

The client elected to rotate all field IEs through the project on a weekly basis to sustain the knowledge growth from the course. The IE team quickly became valuable contributors in helping build and validate the studies and were able to bring that expertise back to their respective buildings and labor management programs.

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