"Camphill Soltane works alongside adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to strengthen communities. Their progressive work empowers those that are often disempowered in our society, showing that everyone has a gift to contribute to the world."

— Kristen

Casa Grande, AZ

"This organization supports local pets in the city of Casa Grande."

— Eli

Dallas, TX

"My friend and neighbor just lost her 23 month old to cancer after she battled it for most of her life. To think of all that that baby went through shatters my heart; perhaps this donation will get us one step closer to a cure. This is in honor of Myra."

— Sena

Doylestown, PA

"They have amazing programs that work to end the cycle of poverty through emergency assistance, education, coaching, and sustainable employment pathways."

— Michael

Rabun County/Clayton, GA

"My Dad has been an avid volunteer at Habitat for the past 15+ years. He has made a difference in the lives of dozens of families. I am thrilled to financially support Habitat's and Dad's efforts!"

— Glenn

Blacksburg, VA

"One of my daughters is a below knee amputee and we have been very blessed to live in country where prosthetics are technology advanced. We are also blessed to be able to afford her care. This organization is meaningful to me because they help amputees in countries where a person may not have the opportunity to get a prosthetic leg and its care. A prosthetic leg can change the life of an amputee."

— Yvonne

Huntsville, AL

"We have talked about this for the last couple weeks and have landed on First Stop.  The man who runs this is the father of one of our associates.  The program works with the homeless in the Huntsville area"

— Deb, John, Darren, Jutamas, and Mike

"The power of work enhances people's lives, and Goodwill helps those less fortunate find fulfillment through work."

— Randy

Milwaukee, WI

"I volunteer during the holiday season to help kids in our community. It warms the heart and allows me to give back to those less fortunate."

— Matthew

Indianapolis, IN

"Aaron and Jill Wilson have really started something amazing here to provide teens in the area with experiences that they wouldn’t get without Str8Up."

— Brittany

Prince William County/Manassas, VA

"I've grown up volunteering for SERVE, a well known local charity that handles a wide variety of needs including, shelter, housing, utilities, and food."

— Lindsey

"I worked in assisted living/dementia care for almost nine years and this group will always hold a special place in my heart."

— Marissa

Indianapolis, IN

"Our business has done work with them before, and food is especially meaningful this time of year."

— Matt, Jason, Trevor, Dan, and Brittany

"We sponsor three boys through this organization (two in Brazil, one in Nicaragua), each having the same birthday as one of our own sons. It’s important to us to have our boys see that we are very blessed and lucky to have been born where we have and have what we have. This donation has gone to where the need is greatest, not just the three boys we sponsor."

— Sena

McKinney, TX

"My brother’s wife has worked with this homeless shelter for years. They help residents find stable income and housing of their own."

— Seth

North Vernon, IN

"I volunteered and helped lead this group of high school students during my time in Indiana."

— Brian

Greensboro, GA

"I just wanted to thank LogistiPoint for the amazing work that you and the crew did on Saturday!!  Everything looks amazing! The LogistiPoint team has remarkable organizational skills, professionalism, and kindness to volunteer their time and energy to make Circle of Love look inviting and homey to women and children."

— Jessica