Network strategy is a fluid component of operations that can take on many different forms and function differently from one business to the next. With so many options comes ample opportunity to get it wrong.

So how do you know that you have the right network strategy in place? 

The catalyst that creates the need for a strategic review of a company’s network is a significant change of nearly any variety. Businesses grow, shrink, make acquisitions or divest themselves of assets. Plus, every year, your customers’ expectations likely increase, or your competition makes moves that you may need to counteract. The merchandise variety that you buy and receive has to be tailored to your customer’s needs and the marketplace you serve. As a result, the mix of channels by which merchandise gets to your customers is always in a state of change.

You’re not the only one wondering whether you should pivot, adjust, change or add to your network. In fact, it’s these exact questions that lead us to many of the clients that we work with today.

That’s why we created our newest eBook: Start Here: Developing a Winning Network Strategy — A Guide to Optimizing Your DC Network. In this resource, we’re sharing some of the insights that we’ve gathered from helping clients walk through network problems, identify a solid strategy and implement it within their operation. To make all of this information accessible and practical for you, we’re addressing four specific scenarios throughout the eBook—scenarios that you yourself might be facing right now— and providing the guiding questions for you to think through the situation for yourself as well as next steps for moving forward. Those scenarios include:

  • Scenario 1: Your company is growing and needs more capacity. How do you know where and how to invest in adding capacity? 
  • Scenario 2: Your distribution center is not located close enough to your customers.
  • Scenario 3: You have too much excess capacity. 
  • Scenario 4: Your company’s business needs are changing and your current operations do not support your company’s new product or order profile.

Whether you’re facing one of these scenarios right now or simply want to prepare well for the future, you can build a network strategy that not only works for you but also for your entire operation, all while delivering high quality customer service. 

Get started today by downloading the full eBook.