Warehouse & Distribution Center Design

LogistiPoint Consulting is available to help you prepare for the automation that is revolutionizing the technology and design of distribution centers.In an industry where automation is revolutionizing logistics and distribution operations, your distribution center needs to be on the cutting edge just to keep up with the competition. Intelligent technology and thoughtful supply chain design can propel your DC beyond your competitors and solidify your position as the industry leader.

LMS (Labor Management System) Selection & Implementation

Improve the effectiveness of your labor force through the right LMS.

Many clients realize their labor force represents a great opportunity for improved effectiveness. The LMS systems available today make these improvements much easier to attain while providing your management team with great tools for understanding the contributions of each workgroup and each associate. We can find the LMS which best fits your needs, and implement it quickly and smoothly to provide maximum return.

DC Facility Planning & Implementation

Determine the best design to support your unique DC needs.

Whether you need to build a new facility or update an existing one, LogistiPoint combines innovative conceptual thinking with sound engineering to determine the best design to support your needs. Our team is always prepared to assist in implementing the solution with rigorous project management and diligent oversight to the effort.

WMS (Warehouse Management System) Optimization

Whether you make enhancements or choose a new replacement, maximize your systems investment.

LogistiPoint can help you at every stage of your WMS lifecycle. Whether you’re looking to replace your WMS or make enhancements to your existing system, LogistiPoint can assist you. Our team has the experience from implementing dozens of WMS solutions for both large and small companies, and we can find the best path for you to maximize your systems investment.