Is your labor draining your DC's budget?

The success of your distribution center is directly correlated to the success of your labor force. So, do you have the right people in the right place? Perhaps the better question is: Are you using your labor force the right way?

With the dollar amount that labor demands from your DC operating budget, it’s too costly to not invest in making sure your labor is equipped and optimized at all times.  

That’s where labor standards come in.

In our brand new eBook, Setting the Standard: How to Build Effective Labor Standards in Your Distribution Center, our entire team of supply chain and logistics experts is pooling expertise and experience to talk all things labor standards. We’re covering why you need them, the different kinds you can create, and how to develop them for your specific operation. Plus, we’re even outlining the benefits that labor standards provide so you know exactly where you can expect to see savings begin to accumulate!

Download your free copy and see how you can start optimizing your labor today.

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Building Effective Labor Standards

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