Q: When did you begin consulting?

A: I’ve had the good fortune of being a consultant for awhile and can actually remember the pre-laptop days when engineers used graph paper, pencils, and Texas Instrument calculators.  Back then, you never had to reboot or back up a 4-drawer file cabinet! But actually, at its core, consultants still work closely with clients to solve complex problems. Yes, the tools have changed dramatically, but the collaboration with people is still what drives the business and gives me the greatest satisfaction.

Q: What is your most memorable experience while consulting?

A: When I reflect on the most memorable consulting experiences, it’s tempting to think of the largest capital project, or the ridiculously fast timeline that had to be met, or the largest implementation team. But the results of every project are always manifested through people.  It’s helping a client achieve a goal or reach the next threshold for their business that is still the most rewarding and memorable experience.

Q: What three characteristics, to you, make a world class distribution network?

A: The qualities of a world class distribution network continue to evolve and change. That’s a good thing because it shows that consumers’ needs are constantly changing and our supply chain networks need to respond to those demands. If service time is the most dominant metric today, it still takes strong leadership, a ‘get-it-done-right’ culture, and adaptable technology to deliver goods efficiently. And cost-effectiveness and consistency of service are still critical components too.

Q: There’s been a lot of innovation in supply chain over the past 10 years. What is still a problem supply chains will face in the near-future?

A: Supply chain innovation has evolved to the point where these solutions are becoming great advancements for society as a whole. Years ago, conveyor speeds and floor flatness criteria really only mattered to a few people. But robotics and autonomous driving will change the world we know today and how we all live. However, the most urgent issue we’re facing right now is the trucker shortage, and we can’t wait 10 years to get it resolved.

Q: On a lighter note, the LogistiPoint team likes to give you a hard time about your hair or lack thereof… Tell us about that.

A: Some of my colleagues kid me about my baldness. While many may think of baldness as a condition, I choose to think of it as an efficient and aerodynamic lifestyle choice!

Randy Moore has over 30 years of consulting experience in the retail and consumer products industry, specializing in supply chain strategy, facility design, and operational improvements. As Principal of LogistiPoint, Randy has spearheaded projects for several national and global retailers, manufacturers, and vendors, including Macy’s, Michael Kors, Guitar Center, Tiffany & Co., Stella & Dot, and National Geographic. Read more about Randy here.